About The Magical Garden

Sharon Ramsay is a creative qualified,  registered Teacher, (Btch) who has had many years of experience Teaching children throughout the Hamilton and Waikato community.

Sharon along with her family and great  team of entertainers have created a unique environment at the Magical Garden. We specialise in creating a very special experience for each child that visits us.

Children have many opportunities at the Magical Gardens to extend their imagination and become involved in an enchanted world.

Sharon and her fairy and elf friends have created a special secret fairy garden! Our fairies love to see the children having fun!

In the past few years Sharon has also established a Holiday Programme, this is Oscar approved and we provide a high quality programme. Our numbers are kept low to enable this to happen. Sharon and her group  of experienced, creative team leaders enjoy offering  the children attending lots of Drama, Art, craft and Music experiences. We  provide a relaxed environment away from school, where children can explore their own interests and feel like they are not having to be rushed around all the time, We do provide trips, away from the venue, but limit these to one or two per week.

We believe in children empowering themselves and encourage children creativity by providing them with the resources to do this

We also provide  them with  lots of natural outdoor areas and plenty of large open spaces for them to play.

Our special wish to you is for us to create a special, memorable time, for your children in everything we do, we can’t do this on our own and are very lucky to have found such wonderful people to help us out over the years.


Sharon Ramsay

Photo: Sharon owner/manager enjoys the butterflies at our visit to butterfly creek.


Hannah - Team Leader and Entertainer

Hannah is in her second year at Waikato University she is an experienced actor and is also involved in production work. She enjoys working with our children in lots of drama activities and being part of our team at the holiday programme.

Hannah is also one of our talented entertainers who host our parties and is responsible for organising and being part of our special Xmas Shows.

Photo: Hannah enjoys feeding the giraffe with one of our holiday programme children on our Zoo visit. 


Sarah - Team Leader

Sarah is in her second year at Waikato University, she enjoys helping to organise art and craft activities and the theme days with the children at our holiday programmes.

Photo: Sarah supervising the bobbing marsh mellow game at our Holiday Programme Carnival day. 


Charisse - Team Leader and Entertainer

Charisse is her second year at Waikato University, she is also an experienced actor and has been involved in recent productions at the Hamilton Garden festival. She enjoys doing many different activities with the holiday programme children and being part of the team.

Charisse is also one of our talented entertainers and loves hosting the glamour parties and other special parties.

Photo: Charisse enjoys a musical activity with the children during the holiday programme.


Sam - Team Leader and Entertainer

Sam: Is in his second year at Wintec, he helps out as a team leader at our holiday programme.  Sam is outgoing and enthusiastic and has been involved in several theatre productions. He loves a challenge and is also able to speak several different languages. He has recently worked overseas teaching children English.

Sam: is also one of entertainers and  hosts our Pirate and Superhero parties.

Photo: Sam playing some board games with the holiday programme children with his special owl friend. 


Alexis - Team Leader and Entertainer

Alexis loves to be involved with the children in the many activities we do and is often seen dancing and doing lots of different craft activities with the children.

Alexis is an entertainer and enjoys doing the fairy and princess parties and having fun with the children.

Photo: Alexis tries out the bouncy castle slide with the holiday programme children. 


Nikki- Team Leader

Nikki is in her third  year at University of Waikato  studying to be a Teacher, she is a creative and enthusiastic Teacher who loves to be involved with the children at our Holiday Programme,  Nikki also enjoys popping on her fairy wings from time to time and entertaining the children at our parties.


Dorothy (Fairy Bubbles) – Entertainer

Dorothy is back entertaining with us again!!! after a break from having her little fairy baby,  the children love having fairy bubbles join them for a fun filled party.




Don - Sharon's Husband and Maintenance man

Don works full time, he is a  leader  at St Peters Scouts and also takes a  day off to help  us out  in the holiday programme from time to time.

He enjoys being involved in the holiday programme and also helps Sharon out with the running of the parties.    

Photo: Don organises  the camp fire for our cook  up and  helps the children toast their marshmellows. 

We Would Like To Thank

Deus Ex Machina

We were  very lucky to have found our amazing scene and stage designer Simon Boyer-Willisson. Simon started his career as an advertising copywriter in London before moving to New Zealand, and he spent the next 20-odd years working creatively in this industry.

He also uses his skills professionally in other areas, including painting murals, building playground equipment, designing outdoor areas and creating unusual letter boxes.   Check out our amazing paintings and murals on our walls in our venue. Simon has also built  our wonderful pirate ship,  waka and special throne.

If you are wanting to get something special done we highly recommend him you can contact Simon.

Home Phone: 078258250
Mobile Phone: 0212385911
URL: www.demtheatre.co.nz

Allenmara Computers, Ltd.

Allenmara Computers are our web designers and have been fantastic; giving us helpful advice and updating our web site when we have made changes. For a friendly, helpful service contact either Chris or Greg.

Phone: 07 828 8480
Fax: 07 828 8405
URL: www.allenmara.co.nz